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Sheffield (PRBuzz) July 30, 2012 -- With drainage becoming a problem in all kinds of areas like construction sites, golf courses, playgrounds and parking areas, people nowadays are usually in search of ways in which this situation can be solved. There are many concerns which are interwoven with this problem and this is what renders the quest so difficult. To begin with, everyone is in search of a cost effective option and secondly no conscious member of society would like to attempt something that would cause harm to the environment.

Although there are many players in this segment, only a few match up to all the mentioned criteria. Hence, the onus is on the buyer to conduct research and zero in on companies which meet the fundamental needs. Having formed such a list, a name which is bound to be included is Matsgrid, a UK-based organization, which specializes in landscaping solutions and eco friendly applications. This company emphasizes on its versatility by stating that its products are not just related to one segment but encompass both domestic and industrial sectors equally.

Anyone who goes through the product list of this company is bound to come across a category named ground reinforcement and under this there are two sub-categories named edge trim and delineators. While edge trim is meant for porous paving surfaces delineators are used for demarcating parking areas. All this plastic ground reinforcement is made out of the recycled plastic as declared by the company as a part of its eco friendly drive.

The inventory list of the company includes ground reinforcement mats as well and these are of various types. Since these are meant for outdoor use, they are perforated to facilitate efficient drainage and are resistant to all types of weather conditions as well. Likewise, grass reinforcement is looked after through nine products which are broadly classified into two grades, standard and premium. According to the company, its resistance to chemicals and UV rays as also the ability not to rot easily makes it suitable for a variety of applications ranging from wheelchair access to runaways for aircraft landing.

If weeds are a regular problem for you then a chat with a company's salesman would lead you towards a product named weed control membrane which is termed as Geotextile membrane in the sales jargon. Courtesy of its ability to suppress weeds this membrane is supposed to help towards maintenance of grass and therefore can be put virtually anywhere. Going down the product range, another entry is that of plastic paving grids which are ground protection mats and are available in different colors, sizes and shapes. These are normally recommended by the company for playgrounds bearing in mind the fact that children are particularly prone to tripping and falling.

For people who do not have the time to maintain natural grass, a viable solution is that of artificial grass and shed base both of which are lightweight as also eco friendly and hence put forth by the company as an alternative to traditional methods.

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